Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Be Mine"

The "Be Mine" onesie or shirt $25.00
Bow $6.00
Bow with crocket headband $10.00
Onesie/Shirt & bow (on alligator clip unless specified) $30
Onesie/Shirt & bow with crochet headband $34
S&H $3.50


Anonymous said...

I would like to order one of these outfits with a bow. I am sending you an email with my shipping information.
thank you,

The Rambler said...


I just got my tutu in the mail....and I HEART you sooooo much! I'm waiting for tax refund and I'm so coming back to buy cute stuff for my 4 nieces....

Thank you so much! Will post photos soon on my blog to heart you more :)

missy said...

Ok, so you know the tie t-shirt? What if you did a skull and cross bones the same way??? camo maybe? hmmm...I'm still pullin for the boys! Rackin' my brain here.
Averee is SO lucky!

jlc said...

Just randomly found your blog and this pic made me sooo happy!!

Hope you're having a good day! :D