Thursday, October 2, 2008


No sew tutus! You pick your colors!!
Can be made w/ up to 4 colors.
$29.00 0-18inches
$35.00 19in. and up


thecobbfamily said...

Hey Girl! Ok ... I want (from the previous post) BOW #1, #4 and #12 just as is ... their gorgeous and perfect colors. But will you also surprise me with another medium bow that is fun (she's into Red and is kind of a plaid/argile girl)! I'll run over some cash when you finish (just email me your apt number)! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Oh also get me some cards with your #/blog address to contact for bows so when all the ladies at the shower gush on how beautiful they are I can pass out a few of your cards!xoxo

Columbia Lily said...

found you via jewelstreet, as a fellow etsyer, may I suggest adding a sidebar that links to your etsy shop? =) your stuff is cute!